Professional, safe and reliable Chicago funerals limo services to your family and friends at the passing of a loved one.

Chicago Limousine offers funerals limo services in Chicago and suburbs. We are here to support you with the transportation you need and act according to the moment’s necessities and requests. You can trust us to take care of this problem with absolute discretion and sensitivity.

Our professional Chicago funerals limousine services would exceed your expectations and ensure a great support to the family of the deceased.

Any small or unimportant occurrence during the transportation will be solved quietly without bothering the family in mourning.
chicago funerals limoFamily and anyone that comes to pay the last respects may need a ride to the religious ceremony and back. We know how hard it is to arrange all this details in such moments and this is why hiring our funeral limousine services could be a good thing to do. We can arrange transportation in no time without asking for many details and create inconveniences to the family and friends.

We only operate the best sedans, stretch limousines, SUV limousines and limo bus. To have an appropriate vehicle for your transportation needs you may hire one of our black sedans, stretch limos, SUV limos or the limo bus. For transportation of the groups it is recommended to consider one or two extra seats when booking the limo.

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Each of our vehicles is well equipped with the most up-to-date technology gadgets and facilities required by the event. They all have climate control, leather seating, TV on plasma/LCD, DVD/CD/MP3 players, premium stereo system and satellite connection.

Our funeral limo service packages are specially tailored to meet any requirements and accommodate any budget. Ask for specific details and we are answering immediately.

Our chauffeurs’ good manners, experience and help will make you feel better and protected. They are accustomed to this kind of special events and are aware of the sensitivity of the moment. You would be entitled to rely on their common sense, punctuality and professionalism.

A funeral is a delicate situation and we know how to act appropriately. Rely on our experience and the responsible actions of our whole team when handling sensitive situations.

We are sorry for your loss!

No request is too small or insignificant for our dedicated staff, and you can trust Chicago Funerals Limo to provide the highest quality service in a difficult time.